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Shira Lang x Aeron Edgeworth by roseprincessmitia Shira Lang x Aeron Edgeworth :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 8 0 [RQ #95] - Aurora Edgeworth  by CartoonLover20 [RQ #95] - Aurora Edgeworth :iconcartoonlover20:CartoonLover20 14 7 Shi Long Lang stamp by roseprincessmitia Shi Long Lang stamp :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 4 4 General Shi Long Lang by roseprincessmitia General Shi Long Lang :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 7 1 Aurora Edgeworth Cosplay by roseprincessmitia Aurora Edgeworth Cosplay :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 14 3 Prosecutor Nayra Sahmadina by roseprincessmitia Prosecutor Nayra Sahmadina :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 26 4 Myra Edgeworth's Outfit's by roseprincessmitia Myra Edgeworth's Outfit's :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 12 34 Shira Lang's Outfit's by roseprincessmitia Shira Lang's Outfit's :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 13 3 Agent Shira Lang by roseprincessmitia Agent Shira Lang :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 22 5 Aeron Edgeworth by roseprincessmitia Aeron Edgeworth :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 6 0 Bride Aurora Edgeworth by roseprincessmitia Bride Aurora Edgeworth :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 20 4 Qi Style Aurora Edgeworth 2 by roseprincessmitia Qi Style Aurora Edgeworth 2 :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 9 0 Bunny Kitty Aurora by roseprincessmitia Bunny Kitty Aurora :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 13 2 Mermaid Scene Langworth with baby by roseprincessmitia Mermaid Scene Langworth with baby :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 10 1 Me as my Favourite Game Princesses by roseprincessmitia Me as my Favourite Game Princesses :iconroseprincessmitia:roseprincessmitia 13 5 Objection! by TheHaxMan Objection! :iconthehaxman:TheHaxMan 17 10



AuroraPrincessRose's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Current Residence: any were
Favourite cartoon character: Boost, Wingo, Rod Redline and Sally.

:heart: :heart: My Favourite OTP'S :heart: :heart:

:iconphoenix--wright: :heart: :iconiris--ayame:
:iconphoenix--wright: :heart: :iconmayoi-fey:
:iconrou-shiryuu: :heart: :iconshih-na:
:iconrou-shiryuu: :heart: :iconroseprincessmitia:
:iconreiji-edgeworth: :heart: :iconfranziska-von-karma:
:iconarmando-diego: :heart: :iconattorney-mia-fey:
:icondetectivepal: :heart: :iconmaggeybyrde:
:icontoffee-gavin: :heart: :icondahlia-hawthorne85:
:iconklaviergaryuu: :heart: :icondetective-skye:

Trucy X Pearl Stamp by xConnieBearx LangxWorth by roseprincessmitia NickMaya by roseprincessmitia KristahliaA by roseprincessmitia Langna by roseprincessmitia MiaxDiego by roseprincessmitia Franzworth Milziska by roseprincessmitia Justicykes by roseprincessmitia

Phoenix x Maya & Phoenix x Iris WrightFey by roseprincessmitia
Miles x Franziska WorthZiska by roseprincessmitia
Sebastian x Kay
Lang x Shih-na & Lang X Aurora LangworthA by roseprincessmitia
Gumshoe x Maggey
Apollo x Athena
Simon x Juniper
Klavier x Ema
Kristoph x Dahlia
Larry x Lotta
Vera x Iris
Trucy x Pearl
Rhoda x Cammy
Clay x Karin
Diego x Mia
Lance x Lauren

:heart: My CARS and Planes OTP's :heart:

Lightning x Sally
Mater x Holley
Francesco x Carla
Dusty x Ishani
Elchu x Rochelle
Boost x Tia
DJ x Mia
Ramone x Flo
Stinger x Candace

:heart: My Thomas OTP's :heart:

Thomas X Emily
Percy X Lady
Oliver X Rosie
Toby X Mavis
Duck X Flora
James X Molly
Luke X Millie
Daisy X BoCo
Gordon X Belle

:heart: My Super Mario OTP's :heart:

Mario x Daisy
Luigi x Peach
Wario x Shokora
Waluigi x Rosalina
Yoshi x Birdo
Toad x Toadette

:heart: My Sonic OTP's :heart:

Sonic x Sally Acorn Sonally stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Shadow x Maria *hedgehog form* Shadow fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie :heart: Maria fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Silver x Blaze Silvaze stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Manic x Amy Rose Manic fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie :heart: Amy fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Knuckles x Tikal Knuckles fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie :heart: Tikal fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Sonia x Rouge Sonia fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie :heart: Rouge fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Jet x Wave
Tails x Cosmo Tailsmo stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Charmy x Cream Chaream stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Vector x Vanilla


Shinning Armour x Cadence
Twilight Sparkle x Comet Tail
Doctor Whooves x Derpy Hooves
King Sombra x Queen Chrysalis
Rainbowdash x Applejack
Thunderlane x Rarity
Discord x Celestia
Soarin x Spitfire
Rainbow Blitz x Fluttershy
Cheese Sandwich x Pinkie Pie
Big Mac x Ms Cheerlie
Button Mash x Sweetie Bell
Rumble x Scootaloo
Flash Sentry x Sunset Shimmer

:heart: Pairing's that I like but their not my OTP's :heart:

Kaylong stamp by roseprincessmitia Cykesquill by roseprincessmitia

Phoenix x Franziska WrightZiskaA by roseprincessmitia
Miles x Rhoda
Lang x Kay
Apollo x Juniper
Simon x Athena
Larry x Iris
Thomas X Ashima
Diesel 10 X Lady
Percy x Rosie
King Sombra X Fluttershy
Shadow X Amy Rose Shadamy stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Knuckles X Rouge
Sonic X Blaze Sonaze fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
Klavier x Apollo
Bobby X Shih-na (Calisto Yew)

:no: Couples I don't support or don't like :no:

Lang X Franziska
Lang X Miles
Sonic X Amy Rose
Shadow X Rouge
Thomas X Lady
Soarin X Rainbow Dash
Big Mac X Fluttershy
Phoenix X Miles
Thomas X Rosie
King Sombra X Princess Luna
King Sombra X Princess Celestia
King Sombra X Princess Twilightsparkle
Big Mac X Marble Pie
Mario X Peach
Luigi X Daisy
Discord X Fluttershy
Tails X Cream
Miles X Kay
Franziska X Maya
Franziska X Adrian
Franziska X Justine
Miles X Justine
Apollo X Clay
Bobby X Simon
Sonic X Elise
Shadow X Sonic
Shadow X Sally
Bowser X Peach
Bowser X Rosalina
Mario X Rosalina
Luigi X Rosalina


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